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Kinesiology Tapping on blond woman demonstrated by therapist

Using and Applying Kinesiology Tapes: Relieving Muscle Pain

Kinesiology Taping - Relieving Pain

Kinesiology tapes are very popular among professional and recreational athletes. People with muscle injuries, aches, and pain use them frequently too. In this brand new article we explore kinesiology yapes - also known as KT, - its uses, benefits and application.

Have you noticed those colourful tapes on athletes' bodies during the Olympics or an NBL match? Divers, swimmers, javelin throwers, tennis players - you name it - use those tapes. You may have also come across joggers in your neighbourhood sporting it on their arms, backs and legs. Better known as kinesiology tapes, they are no ordinary tapes, they are highly therapeutic. They provide strong support, increase blood circulation and facilitate rapid healing. They also help promote performance by rapidly healing overstretched muscles and joints.  

Before we get into more details about kinesiology tapes, let’s explore kinesiology as a therapy for a bit.

Kinesiology comes from the Greek word kínēsis - meaning 'movement'.

To put it simply, kinesiology is the study of mechanics of body movement. In essence, kinesiology focuses on the musculoskeletal system - mainly the movement of bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints and other connective tissue. As a therapy it is used to  prevent injuries and correct body movement. 

What is Kinesiology?

It is a fairly new branch of physical therapy that is often used in addition to physiotherapy. Like physiotherapy and chiropractic, kinesiology is a regulated healthcare profession. Kinesiologists are highly trained professionals who can heal musculoskeletal injuries and improve body movements.

Kinesiology Tapes

While kinesiology therapy can be performed by trained professionals, an easy and convenient way to get a taste of this therapy is kinesiology tapes. It was developed by Kenzo Kase, a chiropractic doctor, in Japan in the 1970s. Instead of using stiff medical tapes, he developed something that is less restrictive and helps heal the body.

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