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Bath Additives

Bath Salts, Epsom Salts and Herbal Bath Solutions for soothing and relaxing bath experience.

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What are the best Bath Additives for relaxation?

A nice warm bath is a great way to relax. Being buoyant in hot water allows the limbs to rest in their natural positions, with no strain or effort. But there are bath additives like epsom salts that can make the experience even more relaxing and therapeutic.

Epsom salts increase water's salinity, and therefore buoyancy. Bulk epsom salts are frequently ordered by clinics with isolation tanks. The client actually floats with a sense of zero gravity.

Other bath additives include relaxing botanical extracts with aromatherapy in mind. Some are particularly good for the relief of muscle pain or joint tension. If you're in the market for a good soak, consider adding more to the broth and making the experience even more relaxing.


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