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Massage Gels

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What is a Massage Gel?

If the words oily, or acne prone come to mind when you think about you, or your clients skin, then a light-weight gel formula is recommended. For Massage Therapists gel formulas will offer up oil-free hydration. For combination skin types, gels are suggested.

Key Features

  • Gels are transparent and are absorbed quickly by the skin
  • Are usually oil free and are water-based
  • Often work well in hotter months.

A gel usually has the appearance of a jelly, and is transparent. It looks like the cross between a solid and a liquid, but do not behave like either. Gels are actually closer in structure to a liquid that solids, because they are mostly water based. Gels are transparent formulas that contain cellulose ethers and or carbromer in water or use a water-alcohol mixture.

Gels are usually oil free. Gels can come in different colours and are absorbed faster through the skin than creams or lotions.

Caution: Massage gels can be irritating to sensitized skin. They may contain preservatives and/or emulsifiers if allergy to these agents are a concern.