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Massage Gel

Lightweight, non-greasy massage gels for massage therapy.

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Massage Gels by Top Brands Biotone, Myo-ther, BioOrigin, Sacred Earth and more

What is a Massage Gel?

If the words oily, or acne prone come to mind when you think about you, or your clients skin, then a light-weight gel formula is recommended.

Therapists trusts massage gel for providing oil-free hydration, minus all the grease of massage oil and other mediums.

Gels are a great choice for combination skin types.

Key Features of Massage Gels

  • Gels are transparent and are absorbed quickly by the skin
  • Usually oil free and water-based
  • Most gels won't stain sheets
  • Often work well in hotter months

For therapeutic massage, RMTs prefer gels - which are usually oil free. They are a great choice during the summer hot months.

Massage Gel are lightweight, transparent and water baed

A gel usually has the appearance of a jelly, and is transparent. 

It looks like the cross between a solid and a liquid medium, but do not behave like either. 

Gels are actually closer in structure to a liquid that solids, because they are mostly water based. 

They are transparent formulas that contain cellulose ethers and or carbromer in water or use a water-alcohol mixture. 

Gels are usually oil free and provide great glide and workability. They come in different colours and are absorbed faster through the skin than creams or lotions.

What are the popular massage gels?

Some of the popular gels among for massage therapy are:

Body Best Canada carries the finest collection of gels for massage. Some of the brands we carry are Biotone, Bon Vital, Sacred Earth, Poya, BioOrigin, Myo-ther. 

Find unscented, hypoallergenic, paraben free and cruelty-free gel at the best prices in Canada. We take single and case quantity orders.

Safety Information: Gels can be irritating to sensitive skin. They may contain preservatives and/or emulsifiers if allergy to these agents are a concern.


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