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Cool Laser Therapy - Pay-per-minute

Safe, non-invasive Cool Laser Therapy by Theralase on a pay-per-minute program


Cool Laser Therapy (CLT) technology is safe and non-invasive. It is used by healthcare practitioners across the world to treat a wide variety of conditions. CLT helps to eliminate pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate tissue healing. 

CLT systems are safe and effective in healing a patient’s conditions.

Who Should Employ Cool Laser Therapy in the Clinic?

Ultrasound therapy penetrates tissues to a relatively shallow depth. LED therapy is beneficial for skin treatment, but is limited to topical tissue penetration. New 905-nm super-pulsed laser therapy gently penetrates tissue to a depth of five inches or more. The result is stimulating tissue development and healing to a greater depth. Physiotherapists, sports medicine practitioners, and others should consider applying CLT to their patients.

Who Beneifits from Cool Laser Therapy?

CLT can be used to treat acute joint or muscle pain; postoperative pain and healing; chronic conditions such as arthritis, sports injuries; and neck and back conditions, including nerve pain. 

How to Offer Cool Laser Therapy Pay-by-the-Minute

Body Best has partnered with Theralase to offer Cool Laser Therapy on a pay-per-minute program. This program is in place to generate revenue for your clinic while providing fast, safe, and effective laser therapy treatments at a fraction of the cost. This program will allow you to own the system at a 0% interest rate, inclusive of a 5-year warranty.

Provide your patients with the best care possible by using the 100+ pre-set protocols or the “Advanced Mode”, which uses a unique algorithm taking into account real-time BMI measurements, a depth of penetration study and biofeedback measurements to create customized and saved protocols for each patient. 

Contact us to set up an appointment with Theralase. They will provide your clinic with the equipment and training needed to offer this valuable therapy to your clients. You only pay for the time the equipment is actually in use.

How Can I Get Started Today


Theralase offers Therapeutic Laser Series TLC-2000 system. 

TLC-2000 system is a Bluetooth-based system that allows you to treat up to four patients in four separate rooms simultaneously. In addition, you can also use the probes together to treat significantly faster or multiple conditions on the same patient. Probes can be strapped on for most extremities, and all treatments are equipped with an automatic turn-off and/or pause if needed due to workflow adjustments.

The Hardware Plan is billed monthly over a 5-year period at 0% interest.

Contact Vivian Lopez, for more details. Vivian can guide you through the Theralase PPM program.

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Pay per use based on amount of minutes used per month.

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No limit on the minutes used

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  • Lifetime Warranty Program

Includes: Patient materials, healthcare practitioner, athlete and patient testimonials, marketing on the Theralase® website and digital assets directed to patients to help drive patient traffic to your clinic

  • Premium marketing package 2023 

Includes: Patient materials, healthcare practitioner, athlete and patient testimonials, marketing on the Theralase® website, social media and digital advertising directed to patients to help drive patient traffic to your clinic

  • Theralase® Certified Cool Laser Therapy Center signage****

Allows prominent display of signage at your clinic letting your patients know that you meet the highest standards in delivering Theralase® CLT treatments

  • Ongoing clinical protocol, technical and operational support, training and certification
  • Licensed Healthcare Practitioner (“LHP”) webinars and seminars
  • Updated clinical protocols, software and firmware upgrades

Learn more about Cool Laser Therapy

Cool Laser Therapy achieves deeper, more effective tissue penetration.


Yes. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) can be applied safely in patients with ICDs. ICDs are prescribed for people who have a faster than normal heart rate, or tachycardia, as well as for patients suffering from ventricular fibrillation. These devices cannot be influenced by photons. The only exception is any light therapy device that also uses electrical stimulation.

It is recommended that you clean the laser probe surface in between patients using isopropyl alcohol.

Yes. The application of low level laser light transcranially is safe. To date, there have been no reports of major safety issues or side effects after transcranial laser treatment. 

Researchers are generating positive results in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

No. There are two general types of medical lasers: heat generating lasers which cut through tissue and damage tissue and non-thermal lasers such as the Theralase® Cool Laser Therapy which stimulates tissue repair, reduces inflammation and eliminates pain.

Theralase® lasers are Class 3B lasers which are used specifically for tissue stimulation and not strong enough to damage cells. Unlike Class 4 lasers, Theralase® Cool Laser Therapy does not produce heat.

Although LED lights are cheaper and easier to run electrically, their capabilities fall well short of pure laser light. LEDs exhibit very little capacity in penetrating tissue at the surface of the skin, which is critical to laser phototherapy. An LED light source simply does not have sufficient power available to ensure delivery of the required energy to various depths of tissue to enable healing. 

Will LEDs work on superficial tissue? 

Yes, but only if left long enough to allow sufficient energy to work its way into the tissue.

Theralase® Cool Laser Therapy uses a total of 9 laser diodes in its multi-probe. The 905 nm laser diodes allow you to superpulse the energy, providing the Theralase® system with 100,000 mW of energy which is critical to ensuring deep delivery of photon energy up to five inches into the tissue being treated.

The following are reasonable reasons why a patient may feel pain or soreness after therapy:

1. If an area is severely injured (i.e.: major trauma, post-surgical or severe nerve damage) then the treatment may be “reawakening” the nerves in the area, and therefore, increasing sensation. In other words, the laser treatments may be stimulating more activity within an injured area (e.g. increased nerve activity, improved blood flow, etc.).

2. If the area is not severely injured, then overtreatment is most likely the root cause, especially if they complain of dull pain, soreness or lack of mobility after treatment. In this case, as a general rule of thumb, we recommend that the power levels are reduced by 10 to 15 mW increments.

3. A third reason is that because the laser diodes emit over very small areas, they may be “sitting” right on top of a nerve and cause the patient pain during treatment. This is quickly resolved by moving the laser head a quarter of an inch in any direction to remove the laser diode from emitting directly over a nerve.

4. Lastly, too much power over too dark of skin causing localized heating.

Practitioners should exercise caution when applying LLLT in the presence of dark tattoos. Tattoos are heavy metal inks injected into the dermis to provide decorative designs for the recipient. The black and dark blue inks, quite often used, will tend to block red and near infrared light from penetrating into the tissue. This build-up of laser light in the dermis (where a lot of the nerve receptors are) will (depending on the power level) cause the patient to react and respond that the laser treatment feels warm or even hot.


• One of the solutions is to try to stay away from the tattooed area by 1⁄2” thus avoiding “heating up” or building energy into the dermis.

• Another solution is to treat the tattooed area as African American skin (dark skin) and to lower the average power by 50%, to lower the incident energy entering the dermis, to allow dissipation of the heat prior to “heating up” the area. Both suggestions will work, if the patient responds that the treatment feels excessively warm or hot.

• If treatment is still painful, remove the probe from direct contact and treat ~15 mm from the surface of skin.

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