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Acupuncture Needles & Supplies

Find acupuncture needles, disinfectants, alcohol swabs and more.

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Acupuncture needles and supplies available in Canada

Acupuncture is finds it origin in traditional Chinese medicine, and it is most commonly used to treat pain. Professionals use stainless steel Needles on different points of the body.

Practitioners believe this therapy helps rebalance the energy in the body and the central nervous system. Other believe that needle insertion stimulates nerves, muscles and the connective tissue in the human body.

There are many benefits of Acupuncture treatment. It is believed to help alleviate chronic pain, relieve pain associated with headache. It is also said to relieve anxiety and stress.

These thin needles are available in various gauges (diameter) and lengths. BodyBest stores a variety of needles in different sizes. Find high quality needles that are disposable, clean and safe for professional use.

BodyBest supplies high quality surgical grade dry needling needles in Canada. Professional acupuncturists and medical professionals can find Acu Relaxo, EACU, Lierre, Carbo and other top brands.


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