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Massage Table Sheets

BodyBest Massage Table Sheets,  flannel massage sheets, microfibre sheets, and percale sheets for treatment tables.

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High Quality Massage Table Sheets

BodyBest Massage Table Sheets, Covers for Spas in Canada. Shop a variety of flannel massage sheets, microfiber sheets, and percale sheets for treatment tables. Bulk Massage Table Sheets at the best prices in Canada. Shop our house branded BodyBest Massage Table sheets in a variety of fabric and thread count. Our sheets are available in bulk at a very affordable price. RMTs and spa owners love our massage sheets for their durability and high quality. 

Choose from 100% cotton flannel, percale and microfiber sheets. We also carry disposable sheets, white bed sheets, and table covers for your clinic.

What type of sheets are best for massage table?

Massage sheets are available in three fabrics - percale, flannel and microfiber. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

  • For summers, we recommend percale sheets as they are breathable. These poly cotton blend sheets are less prone to wrinkles and have a crisp feel.
  • For winters we recommend cotton flannel sheets as they provide a luxurious and cozy feel. 
  • Microfiber sheets are a great option if you are looking at lightweight, fast drying qualities and something that is also available in different colours.

What is the size for Massage Table Sheets?

Generally, tables are 72 inches long and spa tables are 73". Massage table sheets measure around 33" to 37" wide and 73" to 78" long. 

These sheets would work on most tables. However, if you have extra padding, look for a bigger sized sheet that can be pulled more under the table.

Do twin sheets fit a massage table?

Twin sheets are larger in size and woud be too big for a massage table. We recommend you use massage sheets specially made to fit massage tables.

What is the thread count of your massage sheets?

We sell table sheets in 200, 220, 260 thread counts. Instead of a higher thread count, a low thread count works better for repeated laundry in a spa. 

Read our article on how to choose a massage table sheet.

Can I buy sheet sets for my spa?

Yes, we do have 3 piece set that includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a head rest cover for your massage table.

How do I wash my massage table sheets?

We recommend you follow specific washing instructions. As thumb rule, you should ensure linens including sheets, towels and pilowcase be washed or disinfected after every use. We recommend washing flannel sheets in cold cycle. Avoid bleach. 

For more information read: BodyBest Linen Washing Instructions

Speak with our Customer Service for more information at 1-800-881-1681


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