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Heating Pads

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A heating pad is a simple aid that works on the principles of hot or heat therapy. It essentially provides heat on the body muscles aches and pain. Applying heat to the sore muscles increases blood flow and makes connective tissue more flexible.

These pads can be used on neck and shoulders, back, thighs, ankles etc. It can also provide relief from arthritis pain.

Heating Pads are super easy to use. Plus, they are safe as well. They prevent accidental leaks and burns. They also provide consistent warmth. 

Body Best carries a variety of Professional and Electric Heating Pads.

They come in different shapes and sizes, dry and moist, temperature control, and material.

Check out our bestselling Thermophore range. - trusted by therapists and professionals. They are available in different sizes -  Small, Medium and Large.

We also carry a range of Cervical and Table Warmers for your clinics.

Choose Oakworks and Earthlite massage table warmers for full-body heating.

You can also check out BodyBest™ FlaxPax. They are very easy to use. They can be heated in the microwave. Use them during your treatment sessions for client relaxation.

Additional Information

Full replaceable warranties available. Many heating pads in this section feature controllable heat settings, auto shut off, provide moist heat, and are ultra soft!

Enjoy the full benefits of heat therapy with these hot heated pads, electric pads, in small or large sizes.