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Effective topical analgesic for joint aches, bumps, bruises, and strained muscles

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Anti-Flamme - Topical Analgesic for Pain Relief

Anti-Flamme is the fast-acting herbal cream that really works! 

Know Your Body Best is pleased to offer this highly effective pain relief topical crème in singles or in bulk at wholesale pricing.

What is Anti-Flamme used for?

Anti-Flamme is used to soothe strained muscles, relieve joint aches, bumps, bruises, and common sports injuries. 

What are the ingredients of "Nature's Kiss" Anti-Flamme products?

Anti-Flamme topical analgesic is also known as "Nature's Kiss" analgesic. It contains natural and organic ingredients such as cloves, eucalyptus and arnica.

Where was Anti-Flamme developed?

It was developed in New Zealand nearly 20 years ago. 

What are Nature's Kiss Anti-Flamme Products?

Nature's Kiss Anti-Flamme is available as Anti-Flamme Everyday, Anti-Flamme Joints, Anti-Flamme Extra 50% More Arnica. 

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