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Massage Oils

High quality Massage Oils from top brands - Biotone, Bio Origin, Bon Vital, SacredEarth, Poya and BodyBest!

Professional Massage Oils for Registered Massage Therapists, Spas and Wellness Centres.

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Oils for Massage Therapy

Massage oil is one of the most important tools that professional therapists need in their arsenal. Not only do oils help them perform their job better, they make the patient's experience more pleasant as well. 

The right oil lubricates skin enough to allow for the proper amount of friction and pressure. Oils can also be skin-nourishing and hydrating. Different oils are appropriate for different patients, but all muscle massage oils are welcome after a stressful day.

With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which massage oil you'll need. 

Lighter Massage Oils

Lighter creams and oils, like grapeseed, are better suited for high-friction massages. A deep tissue or sports massage needs enough pressure to provide relief, but less slipping.

Body oil also has several health benefits. Apart from a stress reliever, oils also help to reduce pain, muscle soreness and tension. They are also known to provide relief from anxiety, headaches, lower back pain and other aches and discomforts.

Many therapists discover a brand or blend that perfectly suits their needs and will stick with it for their whole career. Manufacturers of massage oils make a point of carefully keeping their formulation and packaging consistent. 

There are many highly trusted brands, and each of these will offer a range of products to accommodate all the different applications. While this is convenient for the established therapist, it can seem a bit overwhelming for students just starting their careers in massage therapy.

Vegan, Orgnic and Nut-free Oils

Over 850,000 Canadians consider themselves to be vegan. To be an inclusive RMT, you'll need at least one vegan-friendly oil solution. Happily, many massage oils are derived from plants as seed extracts, but specifically vegan products are available. Seed oil is also quite sustainable as a resource.

If you provide your massage services to infants, you'll need baby-specific oils. Babies have sensitive skin, so you'll need to have the right oils to prevent irritation. Consider this for prenatal massage patients as well.

Some creams and oils feature nuts as an ingredient. If your patients are one of the 7.5% of Canadians with a severe food allergy, you need nut-free options.

You might want to consider having both an unscented and scented oil option, too. Many people have scent sensitivities, so you should be able to cater to them.

Ask new patients about their preferences and allergies on their intake form. You'll be able to provide a better experience if you know where their sensitivities lie. Whether working in a spa or on an at-home portable massage table, your client's comfort is absolutely essential. They will achieve a relaxed state more quickly, and generally be more receptive to the treatment.

Also inquire about patients' skin conditions. One million Canadians are diagnosed with psoriasis alone, and that is but one of many conditions patients may live with. Skin is what therapists work with, so it's good to be acquainted with these conditions, and to discuss them frankly with patients like any other health professional would. Develop a rangee of oils in your practice, to suit special skin needs. Even simple issues of patients with dry skin should be considered.

Storage and Shelf Life

Some pure oils have a shelf life of approximately six months. Most massage oils blends are created using longer lasting oils such as mineral and coconut oils. In order to extend the life of a given batch, aim to store it in a cool place that is away from bright light and where the temperature is stable. 

  • Cupboards, closets, or storage containers work well. 
  • Heat, cold, sunlight, and temperature fluctuation can cause oils to deteriorate more quickly.
  • Signs of spoilage can include an off smell, cloudiness, or a change in the texture or skin-feel. It is not recommended to store massage oil in the refrigerator despite the logic that it would be dark and at a stable temperature.
  • Shelf life varies from one body oil oil to another. 

Sunflower oil may begin to turn rancid after only six months, whereas jojoba oil (which is really a kind of wax) may last five or more years. Because these are products from organic sources, the process is natural. Once it begins, it cannot be halted or reversed, so good storage is important

Consider the Patient

No two patients are the same. You may have clients with sensitivities to certain oils or fragrances. In this situation, you'll need to have a wide array of oils to offer them. Patients with more body hair may also benefit from lotions with higher lubrication.

The right massage oil lubricates skin enough to allow for the proper amount of friction and pressure. Oils can also be skin-nourishing and hydrating. Different oils are appropriate for different patients, but all muscle massage oils are welcome after a stressful day.


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