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Massage Face Cradle Covers

Add life to your face cradle for massage tables with these COVERS - available in flannel, fleece, microfiber, percale, vinyl and single use.

Extra layer of protection to keep oils, creams, make-and body fluids out of the way!

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Face Cradle Covers for Massage Tables

Body Best offers your clinic a wide assortment of disposable headrest covers, cradle covers in Flannel, Percale, Microfiber and Fleece.  Fitted and flat head rest covers for treatment table crescents.

Do I need to add a cover to my face rest and head rests?

It is highly recommend to add a cover to your head rest, face rest and face cradles for massage tables. These covers act as a protective barrier. They are a hygenic choice to keep makeup, oil, cream, etc from directly getting in contact with the surface of headrests. Just like your massage table, your head rests need an extra layer.

What kind of covers should I choose for my head rest?

There are quite a few options - you can choose disposable covers that are meant for single use. You can also choose vinyl covers that are easy to wipe clean after use. 

Add a cushy fleece cover to add a touch of luxury to your massage tables. You can also choose our flannel covers and microfiber covers as per your needs. 

If you are looking for something that is versatile, we recommend our Contour Flannel Head Rest Covers by BodyBest, that have no elastic and are 100% cotton. It can also be used on square-shaped headrests and tables with a face hole.

Some of the Face Cradle Covers we carry include:

  • BodyBest Vinyl Face Cradle Cover
  • Flannel Contour Face Rest Covers
  • Earthlite Fleece Head Rest Cover
  • Sani-Cover Fitted Disposable Headrest Covers


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