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Learn five tips to buying towels like a pro

Buy Towels like a Pro

Pick up the towel to check its weight. Heavier towels are generally better in quality. For plush towels, go for the heaviest. For kitchen towels, choose ...
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Foot massage benefits

Benefits of Foot Massage

Foot massage can induce deep relaxation and help alleviate stress. By starting the treatment with a foot massage, therapists can help clients unwind and ...
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Five ways to avoid burnout for registered massage therapists

Avoiding RMT Burnout

RMTs should ensure that their work environment is ergonomically designed to reduce the physical strain of their job. This can include using proper body m...
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Farming organic products

Why Choose Organic?

Organic certification is a complex process that aims to ensure production methods adhere to certain regulations. The goal of organic certification is to ...
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