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Bolster Pillows for Massage Tables

Comfortable round, semi-round, fluffy, wedge Bolsters for Clinics and Spa

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Bolster Pillows in Canada

Our wide selection of bolsters enhances your comfort. They assist massage therapists to improve their practice by gaining accessibility to the client.

We carry a wide selection of bolsters in many types and varieties. Out in-house brand - BodyBest is a great addition to you spa or clinic. 

We have cylindrical bolsters, half moon bolsters and wedge bolsterd for a variety of massage therapy needs.

Choose Oakworks bolsters at the best price guaranteed. Available in different types - half round and full round, wedge, rectangular, and curve.

Shop a wide variety of EarthLite products - available in different types. Select EarthLite Neck Bolsters, fluffy, three quarter round, and many others.

The placement of these support aid under the knees, for example, helps to alleviate pressure on the lower back and de-accentuate the curvature of the spine.