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Massage Tables

High quality Massage Tables by Oakworks, Earthlite, Cardon, Chattanooga at Best Prices + Warranty

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Massage Tables for RMTs, Spas, Medi-Spas and Clinics in Canada

We know your massage tables are a vital part of your business - that is why we only carry the best table brands on the market. 

We have a wide collection of hydraulic tables, portable tables, spa beds, electric massage tables, stationary treatment tables from top brands like Cardon, Chattanooga, Oakworks, and Earthlite.

In addition, find a selection of table accessories such as carry cases, face cradles, bolsters, sheets and other clinic supplies.

Not only do we have Toronto's biggest and best selection of in-stock treatment tables, but also throughout Canada. 

Looking for a Custom Massage Table?

Your Custom Massage table can be ordered and made to your specifications. Customized tables are perfect for your unique clinic or spa. 

For customized table orders and to find out more about tables, Contact Cathy, our massage table expert at or call today 1-800-881-1681.

Warranty, Shipping, Leasing Tables

Full product warranties are provided when you make a purchase.

We ship across Canada. Yes, we will ship electric tables. Check out our shipping policy.

Full Leasing packages are available.

Here are some questions you may have when purchasing a massage table:

How wide is a massage table?

It differs from one brand to another. For instance, Oakworks Massage Tables are 29", 31" or 33" wide. Earthlite Electric Tables are 28", 30, 32" wide. Some portable tables are 25" to 30" in width.

How to disinfect a massage table?

Best practice is to follow the specific instructions your massage table manufacturer publishes. Not following these instructions can, and often does, void your warranty. 

We recommend you place a sheet or protective cover on your table before using it. This will add an extra layer of protection against massage oils and lotions. For more tips read our article on How to care for your Massage Tables.

Do twin sheets fit a massage table?

A twin sheet maybe wider for a massage table. Massage Table sheets are usually smaller in dimensions. Body Best stocks a variety of massage table sheets - flat and fitted in various dimensions - specially made for massage tables.

Do you sell Pregnancy Massage Tables? Are Pregnancy Massage Tables safe?

Yes, we do have Pregnancy Massage Tables. Check Earthlite Spirit™ Pregnancy Portable Massage Table and EarthLite Pregnancy Bolster Full Support. They are specially designed for pregnant women.


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