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Massage Tools

Bestsellers in wooden massage tools, spiky massage balls, trigger point tools, handheld, manual & electric massagers.

Massage tools for muscle aches, backache, pain in the lower back, shoulders, neck and legs.

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Massage Tools for Massage Therapists, Self Massage

Massage Tools are a great aid for massage therapists, physical therapists and physiotherapists to use in their therapy.

Body Best stocks a variety of manual and electric massage tools in Canada.

What are Manual Massage Tools?

Manual Massagers come in a variety of shapes and formats. You can choose from massage balls, foam rollers, thumb tools, gua sha scrapers, and massaging sticks.

Do manual massage tools help in pain relief?

Manual massagers or manual massage tools help in pain relief. They are a handy tool for massage therapists. Choose from a wide variety of manual massagers for your clinic.

What are the Best Massage Tools?

Some of our best selling massage tools are:

How does Trigger Point Massage Tools work?

Trigger Point Massage tools such as Jack Nobber Trigger Point Massage Tool and H Nobber can be used in many ways to apply deep pressure to muscular trigger points and tension. Read our article on trigger point massage.

Do you have wooden massage tools?

Yes, we do carry wooden massage tools. Check out Wood Triangle Massage Tool for Reflexology, Hand L Manual Massage Tool, Hexagonal Massager and others.


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