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  • Do massage gels provide the ultimate glide?
    March 4, 2024

    Massage Gels: The Ultimate Glide?

    Massage gel provides a very appealing glide across the skin. Although gels tend to have plant oils as their primary ingredient, they tend not to be greasy feeling. Rather, they have a consistency that is pleasant for both the client and therapist, and they can be used in very controlled quantities because they absorb into the skin more slowly.
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  • Friction massage is a matter of movement in massage therapy.
    February 3, 2024

    Friction Massage: A Matter of Movement

    Friction massage is a massage technique that involves applying pressure and friction to soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This technique aims to break down adhesions and increase blood flow to the affected area, promoting healing and reducing muscle tension. Friction massage typically involves circular or cross-fiber movements with the fingers, thumbs, or palms.
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  • Practicing reflexology on a patient's foot
    September 18, 2023

    Pressing the Point: The Benefits of Reflexology

    The concept of working with the feet to influence health dates back thousands of years. Reflexology-like practices can be found in ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures, where it was believed that applying pressure to certain points on the feet could affect different parts of the body.
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  • If table height is not correct, registered massage therapists are liable to suffer lower back pain
    September 7, 2023

    Getting Table Height Right

    Physical therapy is a physical business after all. The therapist must strive to be constantly aware of their own body mechanics, particularly in relation to the patient. Awkwardly bent wrists, leaning or reaching too far over the table, and lack of support to the therapist's head and neck can all cause complications.
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  • The Art of Shiatsu Massage Therapy
    July 26, 2023

    Shiatsu - the Art of Finger Pressure

    Both Shiatsu and Swedish massage have their own merits and can be valuable in different contexts and for different individuals. Choosing between the two depends on personal preferences, treatment goals, and the expertise of the massage practitioner.
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  • Massage therapist applying the tapotement technique to a client
    May 3, 2023

    The Rhythmic Therapeutic Healing of Tapotement

    Tapotement is a massage technique that involves rhythmic tapping or percussive movements on the client's muscles. It is a popular technique used in Swedish massage and other forms of massage therapy. The history of tapotement dates back centuries, with evidence of similar techniques being used in ancient Chinese and Egyptian medicine.
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  • Association listings for registered therapists
    February 26, 2023

    Association Listings for Registered Therapists

    It may seem like an afterthought, but nearly all professional therapist associations provide listings for their members on so-called "therapist finders." In fact, these listings are a fantastic way to quietly market your business, whether you operate on your own or from a shared clinic.
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  • Female Massage patient receiving Petrissage
    December 9, 2022

    Petrissage - The Kneading Touch in Massage Therapy

    Six essential motions combine to define petrissage. Wringing, kneading, knuckling, scissoring, skin rolling, and pick-up-and-squeeze are the key movements. All of these techniques are therapeutic — performed with varying degrees of intensity and vigour, according to the patient’s comfort.
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  • When to Offer Deep Tissue Massage
    August 1, 2022

    When to Offer Deep Tissue Massage

    In many cases, deep tissue massages are applied to a specific problem, including chronic muscle pain, mobility issues, or injuries. It’s known to be useful for relieving the symptoms of osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and plantar fasciitis — usually giving clients a wider range of movement after treatment.
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