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Essential Oils

A wide selection of highly concentrated, 100% pure and natural essential oils. 

Derived from plants, seeds, barks, roots, our essential oils are undiluted. Extracted by either cold pressing or steam distillation. 

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100% Pure Essential Oils from BodyBest Canada

Essential Oils are know for a variety of therapeutic benefits. Its use is rapidly growing in homes and spas.

Body Best is a leading supplier of essential oils in Canada. We are proud to offer therapeutic grade essential oils.

How to use Essential Oils?

Infuse essential oils with a carrier oil for massage therapy, pain relief, immune building.  

You can also diffuse these pure oils in your your diffusers for immune-boosting and mood-enhancing.

What are the best essential oils?

The best or the most popular essential oils are:

  • Lavender - calming aroma and restorative
  • Peppermint - may ease nausea and muscle spasms
  • Eucalyptus - soothes nasal congestion and promotes relaxation
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil - wonderful diffuser oil with a pleasant aroma
  • Lemon - natural disinfectant, and a great topical oil

Select your favourites from our own line of BodyBest Pure Essential Oils

We also offer highly sought after Poya Essential Oils and SacredEarth Organic Essential Oils


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