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Face Towels

Face towels at affordable prices. High quality face towels and face cloths for salon, spa, resort and hotel.

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Face Towels for Spas and Estheticians

Face Towels are a handy piece of towel in a spa, salon and massage clinics. These washcloths are used for facials, face and neck wraps, wipe body muds and other uses.

Nail salons use face cloths for manicure and pedicures. Estheticians use them for wiping arms and legs after waxing, warm wraps and other esthetic procedures. 

These small towels are a must have for every salon, beauty clinic and massage centre.

Body Best Face towels are available in two sizes 12" x 12” and 13” x 13”.

Our face washcloths are available in four varieties:

Lightweight Face Towels 

An economical and super handy choice for massage therapists, salons, parlours. They are ultra thin absorbent washcloths. Maximise your towel warmer or gym towel cooler. Fit in more! 

These poly blend washcloths are very durable too.

Standard Face Towels

Made of 100% terry cotton, these towels are long lasting, ringspun with woven border. Perfect for clinics and spas

Premium Face Towels

These 100% cotton face towels are resort and spa quality. They soft on the skin and absorbent. These high quality towels  feature a double wide dobby border. 

Five Star Spa Face Towels 

These high end facial towels are a good choice for resorts, spas and hotels. Made of 100% combed cotton these towels are double stitched and seamless. 

Body Best also carries Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Bath Mats, Towel Warmers are more.


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