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Benefits of Sleeping on Buckwheat Hull Pillows

There are so many benefits of buckwheat hull pillows. If you find yourself waking up with a headache or a stiff, sore neck it may be time to consider purchasing a buckwheat sleeping pillow.

Unlike traditional pillows that are stuffed with down, cotton, or synthetic fibers, buckwheat pillows are stuffed with the hulls of the flower seed buckwheat. The unique, pyramid-like shape of buckwheat hulls allows them to move around freely as you settle into the pillow, which helps the pillow mold to the shape of your head. Once your head is settled on the pillow, the hulls lock in place to support its full weight. When you lift your head to change position, the hulls unlock and again move freely to mold to your new position.

The buckwheat pillow’s ability to conform to the shape of your head is a huge advantage over traditional pillows. Traditional pillows are often either too thick or too thin, leading to an improper sleep positioning.

Other pillow stuffings tend to compress and collapse under the weight of your head, causing your neck and shoulder muscles to work during sleep to keep your spine aligned. This lack of proper support for your head can result in tension headaches and neck and shoulder pain.

Buckwheat Flowers in full bloom
Opened end of Buckwheat Pillow unzipped

Buckwheat pillows, while firmer than traditional pillows, provide just the right balance of support and comfort for your body during sleep. By supporting your head and keeping your spine aligned, buckwheat pillows provide optimal comfort. This reduces tossing and turning and leads to a more restful sleep, helping you make the most of the time you spend sleeping.

Buckwheat hull is a clean fill. It has no nutritional value, so it won’t attract bugs or mites. It is also a highly breathable material, so you won’t find yourself sweating and needing to turn your pillow over in the hot summer months. There are many advantages and Benefits of Buckwheat Hull Pillows, but the most important is that you will find yourself better rested and ache-free in the morning.


Buckwheat Hulls



At Know Your Body Best we have several pillows to select from. Many of our Massage Therapists and Aromatherapists recommend our buckwheat support bolsters for specific night time support.

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