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Heating pad used to relieve leg pain on client

Choosing the Best Heating Pads for Your Clinic – A Simple Guide

Heating pads are a great way to stay warm and cozy. They are the perfect way to heal muscle pain and soreness and keep that blood flowing.

In this article, we discuss the various types of heating pads and assist you in choosing the right ones for your clinic.

Hot packs or simply hot water bags have been used over centuries to stay warm and add comfort to lower back, necks, legs, and any body part – you name it. Our grandmothers, mothers and aunts swore by it.

In a quite a short time, we have moved from unpretentious hot compress to electric heating pads. All thanks to technology. We bet you use heating pads in your spas and clinics to provide that ultimate comfort and coziness to your clients, especially during these cold months.

Choosing Electric Heating Pads over Traditional Hot Compress

Why should you choose electric heating pads over a hot compress? The short answer is convenience. Yes, they are super easy to use and they are safe as well. No more accidental leaks and burns while pouring hot water. Electric Heating Pads provide consistent warmth. Unlike hot compress they stay warm long enough to match your needs. After all, you want your client to be comfortable and avoid all sorts of accidents for a pleasurable spa experience.

Even when using these heating pads at home, the same advantages apply. In fact, a lot of people prefer heating pads over painkillers. Painkillers have a side effects while heating pads have no known side effects.

Simply plug-in, set the heat level to your liking and use it on the affected area. It is that simple.

A heating pad is a simple aid that works on the principles of hot / heat therapy. It essentially provides heat therapy on the body to reduce pain. Applying heat to the pain-affected area increases the blood flow and makes connective tissue more flexible. Read our article on hot and cold therapy.

So how do you pick and choose heating pads for your clinic? Which ones best suit your needs? Let’s take a deep dive and understand the whys and hows.

One Size doesn’t Fit All

We are sure there are tons of useful online reviews on heating pads. We are confident that they are all helpful. But you must remember when it comes to heating pads there is a lot more to consider. You are sure to use your heating pads over and over again. So make sure you get the right ones that best meet your needs. We are sure you want to spend that pretty penny wisely.

Different Types, Shapes, Features

Let’s get you a list of things you need to know and check before you buy your heating pads!

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Dry or Moist
  • Auto shut-off
  • Temperature Control
  • Warranty
  • Cord Length
  • Material

Contoured Shape or a King Size?

Heating pads come in many shapes and sizes.

Decide the shape depending upon the target area. Which part of the body do you intend to use? For back, legs, abdomen, and spine – a flat one would be perfect. For neck, shoulders, upper back, and knees – you should consider a contoured shape for that specific body part.

When it comes to size, there are various sizes – small, medium, large. On the one hand, a small heating pad fails to cover the body part. On the other hand, a bigger one is cumbersome and difficult to handle. Find the right size according to your height and requirements. Standard, small, medium, large and king size heating pads are available in the market.

For a clinic, we recommend getting various sizes and shapes as you will have clients with different body requirements, heights and other parameters.

Dry or Moist Heating Pads

Moist heating pads provide deeper penetration. They are more effective for muscle pain relief. Therefore, they are popular among the elderly and people with dry skin. Remember – never add or sprinkle water on moist heating pads for safety reasons.

Dry heating pads, on the other hand, draw out the moisture from the skin making it dehydrated.

Depending upon your skin type and location, you should select dry or moist heating pads. For Canadian dry winters, moist heating pads are a great choice. But for humid conditions, a dry heating pad will work wonders. We recommend you buy a heating pad that has both dry and moist options.

Temperature Control

It’s one of the basic features. Some brands offer low, medium and high heat settings. Some provide a range – going up from one to eight. Choose according to your treatment needs. 

In addition, check for fast heating features much like fast mobile phone chargers. This is crucial because you don’t want your client to be waiting while your heating pad takes ages to warm up. 


A good heating pad is an investment. Once you buy it, you will use it for years. Look for a longer warranty period. The industry standard is one year.

Cord Length

Cord length gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere – in the clinic. The longer cord is better, of course. Pay attention to it while placing your order. It should easily reach the massage table.


Almost all heating pads come in machine-washable fabric. Normally the material used is soft flannel to give a warm and cozy feel. You can also buy a replacement cover when it wears off.

Dos and Don’ts of Using a Heating Pad

  • Make sure the heating pad and part of the body where you intend to use it are dry
  • Don’t apply oil, balm, and ointment on the pain-affected area
  • Never sprinkle water, not even on the moist heating pad
  • Never lie on it because your body weight can break the wiring inside the pad
  • If you opt for a high heating level, don’t use it on bare skin

Whether you are buying a heating pad for pain relief or to help you relax at the end of a tiring day, always pick a quality product over cheap basement bargains. Spend some time before swiping your credit card.

When picking a heating pad for your clinic, the one that suits your budget and needs is great. It should also make your client comfortable and relaxed. We recommend investing in a good quality product. Feel free to refer to this guide whenever you have any questions.

For more information, you can also call our friendly customer service.

Are table warmers on your shopping list too? Check out our new article on how to choose the perfect table warmers for your clinic.

Staff Recommendation

Thermophore Max Heat is hands down our bestseller. The professional quality heating pad provides constant-comfort temperature gauge and moist heat for maximum penetration. It features a fleece cover too. Thermophore heating pads are available in different sizes Small, Medium and Large. For more information, read our online guide on which Thermophore heating pad to buy. The Thermophore Classic Original Heating Pad is another popular choice.

BodyBest™ FlaxPax is also very popular among RMTs. They can be heated in the microwave and used throughout your treatment sessions for client relaxation and comfort. It is made of 100% flaxseed and cotton and available in 5 sizes.

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