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Female client receives facial treatment in spa setting

New Spa Supplies

New Spa Supplies for the New Year

Most of our valued customers are Registered Massage Therapists and physiotherapists, but we also proudly serve salons and spas. These venues extend beyond the therapeutic into the realm of luxury body treatments. A visit to the spa might well involve a massage, but the client may also be treated to skin treatments, depilation, baths, and other relaxing pleasures.

Understandably, there is a fair amount of cross-over in this diverse market, especially given the common use of towels, sheets, and treatment tables. The new year sees us in with a nice variety of new spa supplies to add a touch of luxury to the treatment session. This is only a selection. Browse our whole range of Spa Supplies here.

Hair Removal

Aesthetic hair removal has grown in popularity over the past years, and now many spas provide depilatory services. Body Best has brought in some of the highest quality depilatory supplies available.


Zensa Numbing Cream is an optional application before body waxing. Made in Canada, its ingredients include 5% Lidocaine, that will reduce any pain caused by such treatments. Niku Natural Organic Depilatory Wax can then be applied to the treatment area before covering the freshly applied wax with Non-Woven Pre-Cut Wax Strips. The same Non-Woven Wax Strips are available on an economical 100 yard roll.

After Waxing Treatment

From the same Canadian supplier comes Zensa Healing Cream, a hypoallergenic blend of natural ingredients including shea butter and cucumber extract. This moisturising cream soothes skin left inflamed by depilation.

Removing Facial Hair

Some spas include the option of facial hair removal, including the fine downy hairs that appear at the temples and lip. Tweezerman Facial Razors can be carefully used to groom back the finest fuzz to authentically bare skin. Use Tweezerman Eyebrow Scissors to sculpt and shape eyebrows, and to rein in the hairs that extend to the temple.

It's good practice to keep an All Purpose First Aid Kit on hand in any clinic or office space.

Framing the Face

For facial massage and certain cosmetic applications, it can be useful to hold the client's hair comfortably out of the way. Terry Cloth Headbands do the trick perfectly, and they are machine washable, so can be reused numerous times. They are adjustable to the size and shape of the client's head to to the volume of their hair.

For the application of thick facial treatments like Poya French Clay Face and Body Mud, a gauze mask can be laid on the client's face to provide structure for the treatment to stick to. This is thought to allow for deeper, more effective penetration of mud treatments, and Gauze Facial Sheet Masks also allow for easier, cleaner removal following the treatment. Less of the treatment will stick to the client's skin prior to rinsing and moisturizing.

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