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Keeping Clients Cozy - Therapy in the Winter

Keeping Clients Cozy in the Clinic or Spa

Even in a mild winter, it's easy to catch a chill. Once the extremities of the toes and fingers are properly cold, it takes some effort to get them warm again. Naturally, disrobing for a therapeutic treatment needs to be done in a warm environment, but it goes beyond turning up the thermostat.

Therapists know all about this, and have developed some very useful tools to help keep clients cozy. From electric table warmers to tightly woven blankets and robes, we have a good selection of products to warm not just the skin, but the surfaces themselves.

Flannel Massage Table Sheets

Luxurious Flannel Massage Table Sheets are produced using a process called napping, which raises the ends of the cotton fibers, allowing them to move when brushed or rubbed. This gives flannel its unique soft texture and immediate warmth when brought in contact with skin. The thickness of flannel sheets, particularly the 180g type, retains body temperature well and acts as an insulator against cooler surfaces.

Providing warmth is the first stage in providing comfort.

Fleece Blankets

Made from 100% polyester fibers, Fleece Blankets are similar to flannel because the ends of each fiber is raised. These blankets are thick and soft on the skin. They can be laid over the client's lower body, or used as an insulating layer on top of the treatment table, but beneath a flannel sheet. They are available as a cozy Lightweight Fleece Blanket, or the much thicker Polar Fleece Blanket - a blanket so warm it could keep you comfortable at an outdoor winter sporting event.

 Spa Robes & Towel Wraps

Spa robes are designed to comfortably cover the whole body, and they are manufactured with coziness in mind. They may be made from soft, absorbent terry cloth, microfiber, or waffled cotton. In each case, they provide warmth and coverage for clients before, during, or after treatments. Bath Sheets make a genuinely luxurious wrap for clients stepping out of the shower or bath. Their thick, absorbent nature quickly warms damp skin and draws water away. We recommend the Five Star Spa Bath Sheets for both clinics and "spa at home" enjoyment.

Towel Warmers

Towel Warmers are a standard fixture at many spas, but they make a nice addition to the massage studio as well. Smaller than a typical microwave oven, the basic warmer is the EarthLite Mini UV Hot Towel Cabinet, which fits easily on a clinic counter or on the purpose-built shelf included on some massage tables. Damp hand towels are heated to sufficiently sterilize them. Once cooled slightly, the towels can provide heat to specific muscle groups or treatment areas.

Massage Table Warmers

After the treatment table itself, the electric Massage Table Warmer might be one of the wisest investments for the Canadian therapist's clinic. Surfaces get cold, after all. Having the table prepped and ready for the client to comfortably relax on is both generous and thoughtful. Warmers come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit every massage table's need. If plugging in a table warmer poses a challenge, try the next best thing in a Fleece Massage Table Pad Set, which acts as comfortable insulation between the client and the table.

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