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Cotton Cloth Zinc Oxide Structural Tape

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Size: 5.1 cm x 4.6 m Roll
SKU FT-7211

High-quality, bleached cotton cloth tape / zinc oxide tape - suitable for athletes, trainers, physiotherapists and individuals.

  • Made of bleached cloth with zinc oxide adhesive backing
  • Latex free and breathable
  • Provides support for athletes, trainers, physiotherapists
  • Stabilizes injured area by lightly adhering to skin
  • Support muscles
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Uses and Benefits of Cotton Cloth Zinc Oxide Structural Tape

This Cotton Cloth Zinc Oxide Structural Tape is commonly used by athletes to prevent sports injuries and heal joints. People also use it for preventing blisters on sensitive areas. The tape has zinc oxide coating that makes it very strong with no stretch. It is rigid and firm, making it stick to the skin.

The cloth tape is suitable for use under a wide range of temperatures and extreme humidity conditions so it is ideal for Canada’s diverse climate.

The zinc oxide tape also helps in healing soft tissue injuries. It is a popular choice among physiotherapists to heal wounds.

The sports cloth tape is a kinesiology tape that can last on the skin for a few days - ranging from three to four days. It is water resistant and users can shower or swim with it. It can be used on ankles, wrists, shins, and fingers to provide support.

How to use Structural Tape

Always use the zinc oxide tape on clean and dry skin. This will prevent slippage of the tape. If you apply it on a sweaty body, the tape may slip. Avoid putting the tape on sunburns, or after applying lotion on skin.

Frequently bought together with cloth tape - paramedic scissors. The cloth tape can be usually worn for several days (around 3 to 4 days).

The tape won’t come off even when it comes in contact with water - such as bathing or swimming.

Zinc Oxide Structural Tape Product Specifications

  • Brand Safe Cross
  • Quantity: 1 in a box
  • Material: cotton
  • Sizes available: 2.5 cm x 4.6 m or 5.1cm x 4.6 m
  • Colour: White
  • Manufactured in China for Safe Cross

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