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Cotton Cloth Athletic Tape

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A breathable latex free cotton Athletic tape that can be used on joints and muscles to limit the range of motion for quick recovery.

  • Stabilizes injured area by lightly adhering to skin
  • Applies pressure on tissues to heal
  • Heals soft tissue injuries
  • Support for athletes, trainers, physiotherapists and the average person
  • 3.8cm x 13.7m (1- ½”wide x 15yds)
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Benefits of Trainer's Cotton Athletic Tape

This trainers tape is latex free. It has a glue-based adhesive that helps the tape to lightly stick to the body. It can help restrict the motion of certain muscles and joints to help them heal faster. Athletes can also use trainers tape as a splint for sprained joints, helping in quick recovery.

It is suitable for high performance sports persons, trainers, and athletes as well as for anyone who is into fitness and prone to injury. It can be used on ankles, wrists, shins, and fingers to provide support.

How to use Trainer's Cotton Athletic Tape?

Always use the athletic tape on clean and dry skin. This will prevent slippage of the tape. If you apply it on a sweaty body, the tape may slip. Avoid putting the tape on sunburns, or after applying lotion on skin.

They usually can be worn for several days (around 3 to 4 days). The tape won’t come off even when it comes in contact with water - such as bathing or swimming.

Product Specifications

  • Brand Safe Cross
  • Quantity: 1 in a box
  • Material: cotton
  • Dimensions: 3.8 cm x 13.7 m (1- ½" wide x 15 yards)
  • Colour: White

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