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How to Wash Your Hands Properly to Prevent Illness

How to Wash Your Hands Properly to Prevent Illness

It’s not just the beauty industry that loves to love our skin. It’s also the healthcare and medical field. Medical experts know that handwashing is the first step to preventing illness. Our skin isn’t just our glory; it’s also our barrier against the outside world.

So, how can we maintain our barrier? By following these simple handwashing steps. Clean hands protect against infection, disease, simple ailments, and more.

Handwashing Steps for Your Health

By following these handwashing do’s and don’ts, you can save a lot of money on antibiotics, holistic care, and sick days. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it!

1. Start with Water

Nothing beats a good, healthy douse of water. Make sure you wet your hands from your fingertips to just above your wrists. Warm water is better than cold water, as it’ll help break down those germs a little further.
Once the entire surface area is wet, you can get to the business of applying soap. That’s where the fun begins. There’s an entire universe of handsoap options and we’re about to talk about the crème de la crème: antibacterial soaps.

2. Lather 'Em Up

When you wash your hands, aim to apply about a quarter-sized dollop of soap. The beauty of anti-bacterial soaps is that they’re going to tackle those germs head-on.
You won’t simply be washing germs down the drain. Anti-bacterial soaps aim to blow them to bits. This reduces the amount of residual dirtiness that remains with, say, a simple rinse-off.

3. Don't Stop Now

Once you have a healthy lather going, be sure to keep going. Twenty seconds is the go-to for handwashing timelines.
You want to lather the palms of your hands, the tops of your hands, and even the surface area just above the wrists. In those 20 seconds, be sure to also get the dirt (germs) that creep under our nails throughout the day, too.

4. Rinse Away

Once you have a hefty lather built up, it’s time to rinse it all away. The best news here is that, with the right soap, you can hold on to the lingering effects of your handwashing.
Did you know there are soaps out there with barrier creams that act as invisible gloves after washing correctly? Sure, they may be hospital-grade cleaners, but why wouldn’t we all want to keep the germs at bay?

5. Don't Forget to Dry

Finally, be sure to dry the excess water away with a clean paper towel or washcloth. Cleanliness is paramount here. Any ol’ rag won’t do.
Whatever happens next, please don’t erase your twenty seconds of work by drying your hands with a smelly hand towel. Maintain a healthy stack of paper cloths near the sink, or refresh your hand towel stash with regularity.

Washing your hands is the first step in preventing the spread of illnesses

And there you have it! You can wash away your worries surrounding the common cold, the flu, or worse by following these handwashing steps several times throughout the day.
If you’re in a place where water doesn’t flow freely, then fear not! You can also use Purell foams and gels throughout the day as a hand sanitizer – no rinsing required.
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Stay healthy out there, friends!