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Disinfect and Care for Your Vinyl Covered Treatment Room Equipment

disinfect and care for vinyl covered clinic equipment

Hard surface disinfectants are not typically meant to be used for disinfecting every type of surface. Especially not vinyl upholstery!

Hard surface disinfectants are great for hard, non-porous surfaces like countertops, floors, door handles, and much more. But, they are extremely harmful on soft, porous surfaces.

Soft surfaces include all of your vinyl upholstery, from your massage tables and stools to your vinyl protectors.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, disinfection protocols changed and in some locations harsh disinfectants became part of clinic of cleaning guidelines.  If you choose to continue using these chemicals It is important that they are used on vinyl surfaces in a way that combats the damaging effects. Using a hard surface disinfectant directly on your vinyl can be extremely damaging and may cause it to crack and deteriorate. When it comes to your vinyl, it is very important to make sure you are using strong disinfectants properly in order to maintain your equipments longevity.


Your massage table is the most important investment in your career, and you need to protect that investment. Caring for and maintaining vinyl upholstery is extremely important. To do this we highly recommend using a vinyl protective cover and following our suggested cleaning method down below. Remember to always be aware of the specific instructions that your massage table manufacturer publishes. Not following these instructions can, and often does, void your warranty.

When it comes to the active ingredients that are permitted (although not ideal) to be used to disinfect vinyl, there seems to be an agreement among manufacturers. Products with active ingredients such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Bleach, and Alcohol, are permitted to be used to disinfect vinyl and soft surfaces. However, it is strongly advised that after proper disinfection, these surfaces must be wiped down with clean water, and fully dried with a soft cloth.

Suggested cleaning method if you are going to be using harsh disinfectants:

Step 1: Use the mildest solution/concentration you are able to use. Follow the proper cleaning and safety instructions of the chosen disinfectant.
Step 2: After the allotted disinfectant contact wait time – Wipe the vinyl down with a mild soap and water solution.
Step 3: Dry the area with a separate dry cloth to maintain the longevity of the fabric.
Step 4: Condition your vinyl to avoid drying and cracking.

Once you are finished disinfecting your vinyl, it is important to condition the vinyl in order to help prevent drying and cracking. We recommend using the Genie Plus product line. Yes, the Genie Plus solution is a low-level disinfectant, but the concentration is too low to safely kill COVID-19, so you will still need to use a disinfectant approved by Health Canada. The Genie Plus formula is still beneficial because it helps to create a protective coating to resist soil, bacteria, mold, and biofilm, helping to protect your vinyl upholstery.

Earthlite General Care Instructions

Disinfectants with the following active ingredients can be used on Earthlite vinyl:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide,
    Isopropyl Alcohol,
    Isopropanol Alcohol,
    Bleach 1:10. (Bleach Based, Alcohol Based, and Hydrogen Peroxide Based.)
  • Keep your table out of extreme cold or heat as this may damage the upholstery.
  • Do not store your table in a vehicle, as this could expose it to intense temperature variations.
  • Avoid soaking or saturating the fabric with cleaner/disinfectant.

Rinse with clean water to start the cleaning process. Rinse with clean water after using a disinfectant to eliminate residue. The residue will eat away at the vinyl.
Gently dry with a soft cloth, always store fully dried. These steps will help preserve the life of the vinyl against the harsh disinfectants.

BodyBest Upholstery General Care Instructions

BodyBest “Challenger Vinyl” has been shown to perform well against harsh chemicals such as Regular Bleach 1:10 (bleach/water solution),

Isopropyl Alcohol, Virox 5, and many more.
(Bleach Based, Alcohol Based, and Hydrogen Peroxide Based.)

We recommend using the mildest solution/concentration possible.
After the appropriate disinfectant contact wait time, wipe the vinyl down with a mild soap and water solution.
Dry the area completely with a separate dry cloth, especially before storage.

The coating of this vinyl has a special finish that contains anti-stain, anti-bacterial, and anti-mildew properties which provide a tough performance!
In regular cases, soap and water will take care of stains. If needed, a soft bristle brush can be used over stubborn areas.

Nomad General Care Instructions

Mix approximately one cap full of mild hand soap with one litre of water in a spray bottle.
Spray complete surface evenly and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Dry immediately with a soft cloth.

Protect Your Vinyl