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Lifetime of Massage Table Sheets

 All responsible massage therapists care about the quality of their clients' experiences. So it's important to consider the expected lifetime of linens before they're too worn out.

After all, fresh percale, flannel, or other linen materials are purchased at a cost. It's worth making the most out of these investments.

If a client shows up and has to lie down on linen with an obvious stain, they might not be a repeat customer. Instead, daily laundry and regular linen replacement can optimize a customer's impression of any therapy business. 

We know massage clients are coming for many possible reasons. From reducing stress to other physical health benefits such as improved circulation,  massage services are impactful for every customer.

Don't dampen those experiences with soiled or worn-out linens. Keep reading to see how to care for linens and know when new ones might be needed. 

The Value of Fresh Massage Table Linens to a Customer's Impression

Imagine a first-time customer who's never had a massage before. They show up and enter the room where the massage table lies. On top of the massage table is a comfortable-looking percale sheet that they're expected to lie naked, or partially covered, on for their massage. They are hoping to relax fully and utterly as you apply the treatment.

There's just one problem, though. Although the sheet is fresh from the laundry, an oil stain has been overlooked. The customer is, understandably, not thrilled about the idea of lying on top of that.

Using linen with an obvious stain can become a liability for a massage therapy businesses. After all, a customer who has to lie on such stained material might not want to come back. In some cases, they might even be able to seek a refund for any deposit they may have given for the appointment. And they might leave a bad review on the countless online review sites.

Avoid these embarrassing situations with proper linen care and regular replacements. Replace table linens every so often in order to maintain a high-quality massage experience for all customers. 

The Expected Lifetime of Massage Table Sheets

The frequency that massage table linens need to be replaced depends on a few different variables. First, assume that they are washed after each treatment. Any effort to remove oil stains may impact the longevity of the sheet.

Massage linens are replaced after each treatment, so it will require a healthy inventory of sheets. These should be used in a kind of rotation: In use - into laundry - folded into storage - back into use.

To keep on top of the cleanliness and quality of a massage service is fundamental. No amount of cleaning and caring for table linens will make them last forever. Be prepared to completely replace your stock of linens at regular intervals.

Daily Laundry Isn't Enough 

Proper care for massage table linens involves more than throwing them in the washer and dryer every day. Rather, it's essential to comb through each linen and make note of any stains from massage oils that day. Then take steps to remove those stains so that the linens can last longer. 

Pre-treating oil stains before washing table linens can make a huge difference in the longevity of those materials. The good news is that there are plenty of products out there that can help get rid of massage oil stains. Take the time to research what degreasers might be worth investment. 

When laundering table linens in the washer, it's critical to choose the right water temperature. The hottest water cycle could, in essence, bake any oil or grease right into the linens. 

Don't Forget About Budgeting and Accounting

Massage therapy clients are going to be grateful for clean, cared-for sheets. While this may incur an additional cost, just remember that it's worth the investment. Be sure to include massage table linen replacements in the annual or quarterly budget.

Source High-Quality Commercial Grade Linens

Sheets come in a variety of thicknesses (thread counts) and it is important you select the right grade for your clinic situation.

Each grade of sheet has it own "Wash Ratio," which effectively means how many times the sheets can be commercially washed before degrading. If for example the wash ratio for a sheet is 250 times, you need to budget for sheet replacement at this point, before the sheets become ragged or sheer.

In fact, if linens are worn out and it's time to replace them, we can help. We're proud of the quality of all of our massage equipment and linens. 

We prioritize each customer's impression just like you do. We encourage you to browse our website to take your massage business to the next level. To start, check out our inventory of massage linens available to you now. 

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