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How Enzyme Cleaners Work

How Enzyme Cleaners Work

Enzyme laundry cleaners work by using specific enzymes to break down and remove various types of organic stains and soils from fabrics. These enzymes are highly effective at removing oil from massage table sheets and other laundry items because they can target and digest the complex molecules found in oils and fats.

Here's how enzyme laundry cleaners work and why they are effective at removing oil:

Enzyme Selection: Enzyme laundry cleaners like Myo-Ther N-Zyme Enzymatic Cleaning Solution contain different types of enzymes, each designed to target specific types of stains. In the case of oil stains, lipase enzymes are typically used. Lipase enzymes specifically break down fats and oils.

Mechanism of Action: When you apply the enzyme cleaner to a stained fabric, the lipase enzymes in the detergent start to work. They act as catalysts to speed up the chemical reactions that break down the triglyceride molecules found in oils and fats.

Emulsification: The enzymes work to break the oil molecules into smaller, more water-soluble fragments. This process is called emulsification. The broken-down oil molecules are now easier to lift off the fabric and suspend in the wash water.

Rinsing: During the rinse cycle of your washing machine, the emulsified oil particles are washed away along with the rinse water, leaving the fabric clean.

Enzyme laundry cleaners are highly effective at removing oil for several reasons:

  • Specificity: Enzymes are highly specific in their action. Lipase enzymes, for example, target fats and oils without affecting other components of the fabric, such as dyes or fibers.
  • Efficiency: Enzymes work at a molecular level, breaking down oil molecules into smaller, more manageable parts, which makes it easier for them to be removed during the wash.
  • Lower Temperatures: Enzymes can work effectively at lower washing temperatures, which is important for delicate fabrics and energy-efficient washing machines.
  • Biodegradability: Enzymes are biodegradable, which is environmentally friendly compared to some harsh chemicals used in traditional stain removers.

While enzyme laundry cleaners are highly effective at removing oil, it's important to remember that the type of oil, the fabric, and the age of the stain can affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Fresh stains are generally easier to remove than old, set-in stains. It's a good practice to treat oil stains promptly and follow the care instructions on your fabric labels to ensure the best results.

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