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    Prone Protective Cover

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    Prone Protective Cover protects client and practitioners from airborne particles in clinic/ massage/ treatment room. Machine-washable, reusable, s...

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    Original price $14.99 - Original price $14.99
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    $14.99 - $14.99
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Body Best stocks a wide variety of high quality linens in Canada for professional registered massage therapists, clinicians, hotels and spas. Our own in-house label BodyBest offers sheets for massage tables and treatment tables in Canada. You can choose from percale, flannel and microfibre sheets.

Our sheets and towels are made of high quality, durable cotton that can withstand repeated laundry routines. We also have a wide selection of towels - standard, lightweight towels to upscale hotel towels. You will also find high quality and durable pillowcases, face rest covers, face cradle covers for treatment tables.

To complete your massage table look, check out our massage table blankets to keep your clients cozy during treatments. They come in fleece, flannel, cotton fabric - depending on your requirements.

Check out our disposable sheets to keep your spa and clinic hygienic.

What is the thread count of your massage table sheets?

BodyBest offers massage table sheets in 200, 220, 260 thread counts. Instead of a higher thread count, a low thread count works better for repeated laundry in a spa. Read our article on how to choose a massage table sheet.

Can I buy sheet sets for my spa?

Yes, we do have 3 piece set that includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a head rest cover for your massage table.

Can I buy a single towel or sheet?

Yes, we do sell single pieces for most of our products. However, we recommend you purchase towels and sheets in bulk, if you are a hotel or spa business owner. It is more economical.

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