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Hand Sanitizers & Soaps

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    Biodegradable Hand Soaps

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    Biodegradable Hand Soaps are 100% biodegradable and very gentle on the skin. pH balanced Made with 72% organic vegetable-based oils Cleans and moi...

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    Original price $2.99 - Original price $2.99
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What are the benefits of Hand Sanitizers?

Hand Sanitizers and Anti Bacterial Hand Gels are vital for therapists and clinicians. We all need to be vigilant about cleanliness, now more than ever. A primary focus of care is the care of your hands. We have selected the following antibacterial hand gels and soaps with careful consideration for both your safety and the safety of your clients. The maintenance and care of your well being is our main concern.

Hand sanitisers provide a quick and simple way to kill bacteria and germs on the hands. Used correctly, they are effective against 99% of surface organisms. Enough soap or sanitizer must be used to cover both hands, particularly the palms and fingertips, which are most likely to have been contaminated. Allow the alcohol or carrier to evaporate on the skin before touching anything else.

Soap and water is, of course, the most effective way to wash your hands. All parts of the hands and fingers should be lathered up before a very vigorous rinse under running water. It is the movement during the rinsing stage that actually dislodges germs from your hands, so it's a very important step. Read more about how to wash your hands properly.

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