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Vascular System Laminated Poster

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Vascular System Laminated Poster is ideal for learning or teaching anatomy of the vascular system.

  • Illustrates the heart, female pelvis, base of the brain and branches of abdominal aorta and portal vein
  • Every illustration is finely detailed and labeled
  • Dimensions: 51 x 66cm (20 x 26")

Vascular System Laminated Poster

Vascular System laminated poster shows the anatomy of the human vascular system and viscera. It is illustrated in extreme detail and makes a great addition to any clinic dealing with internal organs and their relationships. Any medical student or student of human anatomy will benefit from this fascinating resource.

The laminated vascular poster illustrates

  • heart (right interior, left interior, and posterior views)
  • heart in systole
  • female pelvis
  • base of the brain
  • branches of abdominal aorta and portal vein

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