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Trail Guide to the Body Flash Cards Vol 2 - 6th Edition

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The Volume 2 Trail Guide Flashcards includes 187 cards that cover the following chapters in Trail Guide to the Body:

  • Shoulder and arm
  • Forearm and hand
  • Spine and thorax
  • Head and neck
  • Pelvis and thigh
  • Leg and foot

These flashcards are prepared by author Andrew Biel who is the author of Trail Guide to the Body.

Reasons to Purchase Trail Guide Body Flash Cards Volume 2

These beautifully illustrated and user-friendly flashcards come in a two-volume set and are an essential tool for testing your knowledge. Volume 2 (187 cards) covers the muscles of the human body.

Features of Flash Cards

  • Beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations in a two-colour format
  • A list of the Action, Origin, Insertion, and Nerve innervation (AOIN) of each muscle
  • Pronunciation guide of each muscle
  • Page references in the bottom corner for finding more information in Trail Guide to the Body
  • Call-out letters (a, b, c, d) next to each structure to help you identify the specific structure in question
  • Durable, coated cards (5 1/2 x 4") that are easy to handle and made to last

Be ready to ace your next exam.

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