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Strassburg Plantar Fasciitis Sock

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Size: Large 16-21 Inches

Strassburg Plantar Fasciitis Sock is a night splint sock that works by applying tension, stretches out, and heals your foot while you sleep.

  • Medically proven sock that is cery easy to use
  • Can be worn to bed
  • Socks provide low cost relief of heel spur symptoms
  • Reduces/eliminates pain experienced with first morning steps
  • Strengthens arch of the foot over a period of time
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Benefits of Strassburg Plantar Fasciitis Sock

The Strassburg Plantar Fasciitis Sock is designed to keep tension on the tissue (plantar fascia) so it heals in a stretched position at night. In this way many users find a reduction of their morning pain, some have noticed a reduced recovery time and others have reduced the need for medications.

When worn as prescribed, it does not allow the plantar fascia to contract while in the prone or supine position. The device holds the ankle and forefoot joints in a position of slight dorsiflexion that prevents a position of plantar flexion, that is the plantar fascia is not allowed to contract.

In addition the involuntary stretching of the plantar fascia over a long period of time helps to strengthen the foot's arch.

The device consists of a tubular knit material that fits "over the calf" with two attached adjustable straps to maintain the foot in a neutral to slightly stretched position.

When worn at night the device will apply a force which results in the reduction and/or elimination of the pain felt during those first steps in the morning.

Key Attributes

  • Can be safely worn for several hours without adverse effect when applied properly
  • Does not lock the ankle joint into any one position thus allowing some movement between the various joints preventing possible joint compression pain
  • Provides no significant restrictions and will not interrupt normal sleep if worn as directed


  • Regular Size (Fits calf size up to 16" ) (Measure around calf at the widest point)
  • Large Size (Fits calf size 16 to 21") (Measure around calf at the widest point)

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