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Rapid Relief Instant Hot Pack

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Rapid Relief Instant Hot Pack is a perfect choice when heat therapy is required. Simply pop, shake, wrap and apply.

  • 4 inches x 6 inches Portable, instant hot pack
  • Fast relief for sore, stiff joints
  • Relieves muscle aches and pain
  • Soothes muscle tensions and cramps
  • For single use only, discard afterwards (See Detailed Directions Below)

Benefits of Rapid Relief Instant Hot Pack

Rapid Relief Instant Hot Pack is designed to provide immediate heat to help promote therapeutic healing. This instant hot pack provides rapid relief to affected areas, helping them to heal faster by encouraging increased blood flow to the targeted area.

This single-use heat pack will help to soothe sore muscles and ease joint pain. Rapid Relief Instant Hot Pack now features FTP technology. This technology allows the user to activate the hot pack easily by simply folding the product in half, making it the easiest activating instant hot pack available in the market.

These single-use portable instant hot packs can be used anytime, anywhere and eliminate the need for electrical heating products.

Product Benefits

  • Heat Therapy – For ongoing pain and stiffness
  • Encourages quick recovery through increased blood flow to help heal damaged tissue faster
  • Soothes stiff joints
  • Improves flexibility and helps improve mobility
  • Eases muscle aches
  • Adds comfort to muscles and calms soreness

Product Attributes

  • Easy activation with FTP (Fold-to-Pop) technology
  • Delivers approximately 49°C/120°F of hot therapy when activated at room temperature.
  • Small Size: 4″ x 6″ (10cm x 15cm)
  • Large Size: 5″ x 9″ (13cm x 23cm)
  • Contents of Hot Pack: Magnesium Sulphate Anhydrous and Water

How to Activate

  • A: Fold top to bottom to “POP" inner fluid bag
  • B: Shake vigorously
  • C: Wrap heat pack in a cloth, towel, etc
  • D: Apply to the area that needs relief

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