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Pyro Cold Feet Socks- Black

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Size: Medium
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Pyro Cold Feet Socks are designed not just to keep cold out but increase skin temperature.

  • Effective for raynaud’s, PVD, neuropathy, chilblains, diabetes
  • Combats poor circulation, coldness, numbness, aggravation
  • Non-constricting for feet and no inflammation aggravation
  • Seam-free, breathable fabric, no sweat buildup
  • Each box contains 1 pair of black socks
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Uses and Benefits of Pyro Cold Feet Socks

Pyro Cold Feet Socks are designed to help people with Raynaud’s, PVD, neuropathy, chilblains, diabetes, or poor circulation. These conditions cause the feet to get aggravated due to cold weather conditions.

The Infracare Pyro Cold Feet Socks combat these conditions by keeping the feet warm without causing a buildup of sweat. These Pyro Cold Feet Socks are made from a thin, breathable material, and can even be worn throughout the night.Some people will notice a difference in as little as one day.

Infracare Cold Feet Socks and Cold Hand Gloves are designed to address the medical conditions listed above with embedded biomaterials that work to increase the temperature of users’ hands and feet by as much as 10 degrees.

Product Attributes

  • Materials: 90% cotton, 5% polyurethane, 5% bio-Materials
  • Seam free
  • Constriction free
  • Associated medical conditions: Rynaud's, PVD, neuropathy, chilblains, diabetes, or poor circulation

Diabetes can not only cause cold feet but can also cause feet to feel cold due to nerve damage and reduced circulation. Raynaud’s essentially causes blood vessels in the hands or feet to overreact to the cold by narrowing and restricting circulation. This can leave the fingers and toes cold to the touch and possibly numb.

The Infracare Pyro Cold Feet Socks are an effective way to combat symptoms of conditions caused in response to cold temperatures.

How to Use

  • Use Infracare pyro socks for 3 - 4 hours before seeing the results.
  • For diabetic patients who have a history of bleeding use white socks.
  • For use in outdoors and activities like winter sports, winter hunting and winter farming use Infracare cold feet socks as the first layer of socks.


  • Wash in cold water. Do not use bleach. Drip dry. Do not use a dryer.

Cautions, When Not to Wear Pyro Cold Feet Socks

  • During the first 36 hours of injury
  • On broken or exposed skin
  • If you have eczema or dermatitis on the surrounding area
  • If you have a fever

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