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Oakworks PerformaLift Assist Backrest Top Electric Treatment Table

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$4,829.99 - $5,999.99
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Colour: Heron
Width: 31"
Combination: Table Only
SKU MT-3933-HER-31

Oakworks PerformaLift Lift-Assist Backrest Top Treatment Table is a great massage table for ensuring ultimate client comfort and care. Available in two combinations.

  • Electric lift system with multi-function foot control
  • Backrest top available with or without ABC system
  • Tilt table to a zero gravity chair position for ultimate comfort
  • Features beautiful wood base
  • Accessories are not included
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FREE Pick Up from our Warehouse in Toronto.


For shipping quotes please call 1 800 881 1681 or email

Freight Shipments - Tables are Shipped Boxed and secured to a pallet.

Ground Delivery - Your Boxed & Skidded table arrives to the curb of your shipping destination. You must arrange to bring your order inside. Two people and a furniture dolly can transport most single-item tables.

Inside Ground Delivery - Your crated and skidded table is delivered inside the front entrance of the shipping destination. This service does not include delivery to a specific room or unpacking.

White Glove Delivery- Your order is delivered to a room of your choice, unpacked , put in place, packing materials and pallet removed. You are ready to go.

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About Oakworks PerformaLift Lift-Assist Backrest Top Treatment Table

Oakworks PerformaLift Lift-Assist Backrest Top Treatment Table is a great choice for positioning your client as it is the most important consideration in client comfort and care.

Additionally, you can provide a greater number of modalities or expand your services to waxing, facials, reflexology, and acupuncture. It also allows you to cater to a wider range of clients, including pregnant women and those with sinus or cardiac concerns.

Super Easy to Adjust Height and Positions

The PerformaLift Lift-Assist Backrest is versatile and the most comfortable spa table on the market. With its unique and powerful twin tower lift system, the table can be adjusted while your client is comfortably positioned on the table.

With a lifting capacity of 250kg (550 lbs), the soft start and stop system means very little disruption for you or your client.

Adjustments are so easy with the multi-function foot control, there is no fuss required to get it exactly right.

Comfortable for Client

The Lift-Assist backrest and choice of 10cm (4") Aero-Cel or 15cm (6") Aero-Cel Upgraded Padding, coupled with the ability to tilt the table to a Zero Gravity Chair position ensures the ultimate in comfort. Even when the table is flat, the ability to raise the head end of the table a couple of inches can make a huge difference in comfort for people who experience sinus pressure when lying flat.

Additionally, it has the capability of tilting forward or backward up to 18˚ for ultimate client comfort, perfect for those winter months when sinus troubles seem to affect everyone. The PerformaLift has always offered the ultimate in comfort with the ability to tilt the table up at the head end to relieve sinus pressure or tilt it in the opposite direction with a salon or backrest top to create a zero gravity chair position.

It also comes with Standard 10cm (4") Aero-Cel Padding.

  • Tilt table at the head end to relieve sinus pressure
  • Zero gravity chair position
  • Forward or backward up to 18˚

Large Height Adjustment

The table also boasts the largest height range available in the premium spa table line. A full 40cm (16") of quiet and smooth height adjustments at the simple touch of a button. Now standard with a removable and replaceable padded top.

Matches any Decor

The beautiful open wood base is available in a wide range of finishes to match any decor.Additionally, the table is finished in soft, PVC-Free TerraTouch upholstery. The premium polyurethane fabric is durable and soft and has excellent resistance to abrasion and tears.

Extra Room

The table also features a convenient open storage shelf which provides the perfect place for accessories, lotions, oils, or anything you need close at hand.

And to further compliment the largest height range available, the table is available in three different widths for further versatility. For therapists over 6' tall, the table also comes in an 84cm (33") width.

Long Lasting

This high quality foam will not condense over time, pairing wonderfully with the soft, buttery TerraTouch upholstery. Furthermore, makeup and oils wash away easily with a mild non-abrasive cleaner.

How to Order an Oakworks Table

When will my table be ready?

BodyBest holds a selection of Oakworks tables in stock. Custom colour table packages are available for pick up or directly shipped to you. Please contact us for availability.

More from Oakworks

Oakworks is committed to providing safe, durable, comfortable, and ergonomic equipment to industries supporting the health and well-being of people.

Find more information on Oakworks products to fit all your clientele service needs.

  • Brand: Oakworks
  • Type: Massage Table / Treatment Table
  • Top: Backrest top with ABC or without the ABC system
  • Lift system: Two electric motors
  • Length: 185cm (73")
  • Height Range: 21" - 37" (with 4" AeroCel™ padding)
  • Weight Capacity: 550 lbs.
  • Padding: 4" or 6" AeroCel™ (optional)
  • Upholstery: TerraTouch™ (standard)
  • UL listed
  • CE marked
  • Made in the USA
  • Accessories are not included

ABC Customization

The ABC (Adjustable Body Comfort) System is an incredibly versatile feature that revolutionises the comfort of the table and opens up new ways of working.

The ABC function is an added feature that can be built into the design of your table. Moreover, this table is uniquely designed to remove pressure off the users breasts and tension out of their back.

Additionally, in supine positions the ability to raise the platform well above level is great not only as a head support, but for stretching and increasing range of motion when the head is supported by the head rest.

Table ABC Customization includes the following:

Boiance Face Rest Crescent

The Boiance™ Face Cradle Pillow multi-layer foam cushioning, supports the face and weight of the head. This cushion features a unique, very open space to avoid all pressure on the eyes and sinus cavities, allowing clients the ability to lie face down for extended periods.

Face Rest Platform ABC QuickLock

Provides superior access with optimal comfort, designed with double articulating adjustability to ensure it will fit anyone no matter their shape or size.

Please Note: All accessories with exterior covers are provided in the colour of your choice of table.

How Does ABC Work?

Simply lower the pad to lessen the pressure on the breast. Raise the pad above level, making it a great head support for face up positions.

Oakworks Performalift Additional Table Upgrades

Oakworks Performalift Table Upgrades

  • Add a Caster
  • Add a Bluetooth Speaker

Finish Upgrade Options

Upgrade the standard Natural wood finish to any of the following;

  • Cherry Stain
  • Walnut Stain
  • Grey Lacquer
  • Ebony Lacquer
  • Bone Lacquer

Finish Upgrade Options

Add Extra Padding

Upgrade the standard 4" AeroCel™ padding with 6” AeroCel™ padding.

Add an Integrated Heated Top

Ideal for client comfort, add an integrated heated top to regulate tabletop temperature with the switch of a button. With an added integrated heated top you can avoid hard to keep clean heating pads and extra cords.

Call 1-800-881-1681 or email to Speak with a Table Specialist for all additional upgrades.

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