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Natural Cosmetic Sponge 2pc

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These Natural Cosmetic Sponges are all-natural sponges for exfoliation and cleansing your skin. 2 pc.

  • Helps remove dead skin
  • Smoothen dry flaky patches with these natural sea sponges
  • Use to remove makeup
  • Non-irritating natural sea sponge
  • Harvested in the waters of Greece
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Uses of Natural Sea Sponge

The Natural Sea Sponge can be used for a variety of skin and body care routines.

You can use the sponge to cleanse the body. Simply wet the sponge and apply your favourite cleanser soap, or shower gel. Use the sponge in gentle circular motions to cleanse the body.

  • The sea sponge also helps remove dead skin and flaky patches.
  • Make skin look fresh and clean with the exfoliation. You skin will look radiant, fresh and clean.
  • The natural sea sponge can also be used to remove make-up.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Sea Sponge
  • Use: Skin exfoliation, skin care
  • Quantity: 2

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