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Muscle Manual Anatomy Flash Cards

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Muscle Manual Anatomy Flash Cards are rated the best anatomy flash card set in the market.

  • Flash cards featuring 512 high-quality images
  • Includes images of 218 muscles, 206 bones, 84 ligaments, 82 vessels and 38 nerves (peripheral and cranial)
  • Perfect for students, clinics

Benefits of Anatomy Flash Cards

Brand new high quality Anatomy Flash Cards with dual side designs. This set of flash cards is lightweight, cards are small and easy to carry.

  • Convenient to use, you will find the cards durable and practical.
  • Perfect for both professional use or personal use.

The finest set of Anatomy Flashcards in this quality and value. Quick reference evidence based muscle manual anatomy flashcards for use in all fields of medical and therapeutic study. This is a top quality health sciences study aid.

Each Set of Anatomy Flash Cards includes

  • 512 high quality images
  • 218 muscles
  • 206 bones
  • 84 ligaments
  • 82 vessels
  • 38 nerves (peripheral and cranial)

Key Attributes

  • Origins, insertions, actions
  • Anatomical variation
  • Kinesiology and activities of daily living
  • Are evidence-based
  • Low cost and multidisciplinary peer reviewed
  • Card size: 8.5 x 11.5cm (3.5 x 4.5")

Anatomy Flash Card Testimonials

"Once you do your research and see how lacking most other flashcards are it is easy to see why the Muscle Manual Anatomy flashcards are simply the best!"

"By far the best value for your dollar I recommend these cards to ALL my students. No Anatomy Flash Cards offer more than the Muscle Manual Flashcards".

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