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4 Piece Original bodyCushion2

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The 4 Piece Original bodyCushion2 is a lightweight body support for the bony prominences of the clavicles, ribs, sternum, and pelvis.

  • 2 inches narrower than the Original bodyCushion™
  • Manufactured in tan, to differentiate it from the slate-blue Original bodyCushion™
  • Lighter weight, with eco-friendly foam
  • Ideal first investment for the student or new therapist
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Uses and Benefits of 4-Piece Original bodyCushion2

4-Piece Original bodyCushion2 is the new version of the Original bodyCushion™. It is lighter in weight, with eco-friendly foam and comes with a 3-year warranty.

This model makes an ideal first investment for the student or new therapist, and may serve home users very well.

4-Piece Original bodyCushion2 includes

  • Face Support
  • Chest Support
  • Pelvic Support
  • Split-leg Support
  • Face Crescent Cotton Cover
  • Leg-Support Cotton Covers

Differences between the 4-Piece bodyCushion2™ and the 4-Piece Original bodyCushion™

  • The bodyCushion2™ is manufactured in Tan, to differentiate it from the Slate-Blue Original bodyCushion™
  • The bodyCushion2™ is 2 inches narrower than the Original bodyCushion™
  • Side handles of the Original bodyCushion™ are not present in the bodyCushion2™
  • A single loop attaches the Face Support to the Chest Support
  • The bodyCushion2™ Split-Leg Support is slightly smaller, and does not have handles or a tether that connects the two halves
  • The durable, comfortable, long-lasting foam of the bodyCushion2™ comes with a 3-year warranty, while the foam in the Original bodyCushion™ is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Like the Original bodyCushion, the bodyCushion2 supports the body on the bony prominences of the clavicles, ribs, sternum, and pelvis thus unloading the body, allowing musculature to disengage. When the body is supported and relaxed, all types of therapies are more effective and outcomes are improved

  • The bodyCushion2’s Face, Chest, and Pelvic Supports attach to one another with the loop and adjustable Velcro® straps.
  • If desired, the Face, Chest, and Pelvic Supports can be completely separated from one another by detaching the Velcro®.
  • This provides maximum versatility, allowing placement and use of the optional Breast Protector in place of the standard Chest Support.
  • The Velcro® straps are also useful for attaching the Extenders, which allow the practitioner to lengthen the for longer torsos and add extra support in the side-lying position.

Product Specifications

  • Available in Tan
  • Cotton Cover may be White, Light Blue or Black depending on availability.
  • Made from advanced materials including durable, supple vinyl that's protected by a 3-year warranty
  • Durable, comfortable, long-lasting foam with 3-Year Foam Warranty


“Such creativity! … Being narrower allows more room for arms on the table top. … A fully movable face rest that slides side to side … and a price my students can easily afford. - JoAnne,


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