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Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Plus Ankle Brace

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Side: Left
Size (Ankle Circumference in cm): 1 (17-19)
SKU BR-7278-L-1

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Plus Ankle Brace features 3D Train active knit and a figure 8 strap.

  • Brace with Inserts: contoured insert distributes pressure evenly
  • Stretchy knit material that is breathable
  • Figure 8 strap secures ankle, mid-foot and back of foot
  • Pressure-reduced edges for non-constricted movement
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Uses and Benefits of Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Plus Ankle Brace

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Plus Ankle Brace is an amazing supportive aid for sprained ankles and injuries around the ankle. MalleoTrain Plus brings together Bauerfeind's active support and sport tapings to offer greater stability and security to your ankle and foot.

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Plus Ankle Brace stabilises the foot post injuries, provides support for ligament weakness and high intensity sport, without restricting mobility.

Brace with Inserts

The ankle brace comes with two elastic profile inserts that run along the Achilles tendon. They are precisely aligned on the outer and inner ankle. The pad helps to distribute the pressure on the foot uniformly. The intermittent compression massage triggered by movement then also activates the musculature.

Figure 8 Strap

The stabilising effect of the brace goes one notch higher with its semi-elastic strap system that can be wrapped around the foot in a figure-of-eight pattern. This helps in further stabilising and protecting the ankle from twisting outward. It also gently massages the foot during movement and relieves ankle pain.

3D Train Design

The 3D train active knit design and pressure-reduced edges further ensure a comfortable fit without constricting movement, bunching or slipping. It is also made of stretchy knit material that is breathable, comfortable, and adjusts to the natural contours of the foot.

The MalleoTrain Plus is very effective for early functional treatment of capsular ligament strains and protection against ankle injuries. Unlike tape bandages, the ankle strap can be applied independently under tension and can be individually adjusted.

When to use an Ankle Brace?

  • Chronic, post-traumatic or post-operative irritation of soft tissue in the ankle area
  • Early functional treatment of capsular ligament strain in the lower ankle
  • Ligament insufficiency
  • Supination prophylaxis, particularly during sports activities
  • Post-operative rehabilitation

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Bauerfeind knee and ankle braces
  • Type: Ankle Brace
  • Colour: Available in titanium grey
  • Material: 3D Train active knit
  • Closure: Hook and Loop
  • Side: Left and Right
  • Size: Available in 6 sizes (refer to size chart for your correct size)

Size Chart

Measure Your Ankle Circumference (cm)

  • 1: 17-19cm
  • 2: 19-21cm
  • 3: 21-23cm
  • 4: 23-25cm
  • 5: 25-27cm
  • 6: 27-29cm

Wash and Care Instructions

  • All Train active supports should be washed separately in the washing machine at 30°C.
  • All Velcro straps should be removed if possible or firmly attached to the designated place
  • Pads or splints should also be removed before washing
  • Use a laundry net (spin cycle: maximum 500 revolutions per minute)
  • Dry your Train active support in the air
  • Do not dry the Train in the dryer. Dryers can damage the knitted fabric

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