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How to Care for Vinyl Covered Treatment Tables and Accessories

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Steps to maintain your vinyl treatment equipment

Vinyl Covered : Tables / Bolsters / Stool Covers / Pillow Covers / Head Rest Cradle Covers

You have made a solid investment in your clinic equipment. Caring and maintaining your vinyl coverings is equally important. Many treatment table manufacturers warranties are subject to following prescribed process and using specific cleaners and disinfectants. Please take the time to read the following and check your supplies ingredient listing.

Failure to follow manufactures care recommendations will void the warranty on the fabric.


COVID has taught us to clean every surface between every client. Clean your upholstered equipment when needed using a mild solution of 4:1 diluted non-alcohol cleaner such as Formula 409®, Fantastik®, or Green Windex®. If you are mixing your solutions yourself remember to label your spray bottles clearly.


To disinfect your vinyl fabric surfaces use any of the following products or use a 10% household bleach solution following the manufacturers disinfection instructions.

In Canada, many therapists use the following Ready to use cleaners

Germiphene Geni Plus Wipes, Spray Vinyl Cleaners

PreEmpt Ready to Use Spray and Wipes

Do Not Use

Most major Treatment Table manufacturers DO NOT recommend using citrus based cleaners or other strong cleaners such as alcohol, acetone, higher concentrations of bleach or other products that contain high concentrations of these substances.

Watch the Temperature

Do Not Expose your equipment to direct sunlight, adhesives, unknown liquids or abrasive materials.

My Table Treatment Table fabric is cracked and flaking!

If your table cover has become damaged over time, all is not lost, vinyl covers can be purchased  separately (for reasonable costs) that will fit most Treatment Tables , Bolsters, Pillows, Stools and Head Rest Cradles

Feel free to contact us directly for care assistance and manufactures protocols.

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