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Accelerate your physical recovery and elevate your fitness levels with original TheraBands, Tubes, Loops and more.

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TheraBand Resistance Bands for Physical Therapy

Thera-Band professional resistance bands are the original system of progressive resistance products.

These highly trusted progression system of resistance products were pioneered more than 30 years ago!

What are Therabands used for?

Use these products in physical therapy to increase strength, mobility and increase flexibility. They allow a range of motions.

Who uses Theraband Products?

Clinicians, athletes, and professionals choose TheraBand products for their resistance training recovery and performance.

How do I know which Theraband Product to choose?

Theraband Tubes, Bands and Loops come in a colour coded system of resistance levels. Choose a level according to your own needs.  

At Body Best we carry these highly quality products that includes - loops, elastic bands, tubes and more.

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