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Nomad Massage Tables, Stools, and Accessories - Made in Canada

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Handmade, Top-of-the-line Nomad Tables

Body Best is proud to offer Nomad Tables to our Canadian clients.

Why you should invest in a Nomad Table?

  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% Made in Canada
  • Made with Canadian Silver Maple
  • Sturdy,  lightweight, made from eco-friendly wood
  • No-skid leather with good foam density -
  • Materials are recyclable and CFC-free
  • Fast, reliable delivery with exceptional customer service
  • Designed for the convenience of therapists and comfort of your customer

Nomad tables are custom-made, high-quality and are designed for professionals. Founded in 1997, Nomad Tables has built a reputation for delivering the best massage tables. Nomad strictly complies with all UL standards and follows the best engineering practices. All Nomad tables are made with North American grown hardwood. The elite design of their tables matches all contemporary and classic decor. 

Nomad Tables offer a full range of portable, fixed, and electric tables - perfect for massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, estheticians, and healthcare professionals. Invest in Nomad Sumo Massage Table - one of the best in the Portable Massage table category. 

Or check out their high-end Nomad spa tables.



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