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Laundry Detergents

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    Clinic Laundry Bag

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    Benefits of Clinic Laundry Bag This high quality Industrial Nylon laundry bag is perfect for use in institutions and or any clinic facility. Made f...

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    Original price $9.99 - Original price $400.00
    Original price
    $9.99 - $400.00
    $9.99 - $400.00
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What are the ideal features of laundry detergents?

All clinicians, from pedicurists to physiotherapists, use linens of some sort or another. Massage therapists use lots of linens, from towels to massage table sheets to pillowcases. So finding good, dependable laundry detergents is a key for running a successful clinic.


Aside from simply getting laundry clean, some linens may challenge the washer with oils and residues from the treatment itself. What goes on at a microscopic level in the laundry is actually a bit disturbing. Linens like fitted sheets that come in broad surface contact with a client can contain skin cells, hairs, and oils, in addition to any lubricant or product used in the treatment. Soaps in the detergent bond with fats in these organic particles, and are flushed away during the spin and rinse cycles.


Linens are expected to be used by a wide range of clients, so being hypoallergenic is a serious consideration. Having a client suffer an allergic response from freshly washed linens should be avoided.


Some commercial laundry detergents do not break down in waste water, so look for soaps and detergents that are clearly labelled biodegradable. The detergent options above have all been tried and tested by Body Best staff, and we stand by this selection. If your clinic opts for biodegradable laundry detergents, and recycles used lotion bottles, why not make your Green Plan part of your marketing? Let your customers know that you are thinking of the environment, and they will appreciate it.

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