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    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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    Uses and Benefits of Microfibre Cleaning Cloths Handy Microfibre Cleaning Cloths for your clinic cleaning convenience. These microfibre cleaning cl...

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    Original price $1.99 - Original price $54.99
    Original price
    $1.99 - $54.99
    $1.99 - $54.99
    Current price $1.99

Find the right towels you need for your clinic, spa or gym

What type of towel quality suits your needs? Which quality is best for your employees and your guests to have the best experience during their treatment? If you are not sure, follow the How to the perfect towel quality guide below. Our goal is for you to get the towels you need at affordable prices, every day in Canada.

From bath sheets to towel wraps, economy washcloths to plush towels, Body Best towels are sure to meet your varied needs.

Lightweight Quality Towels

Lightweight quality towels come in washcloths, hand towels and 22 x44" bath towels. Because these towels are considered economy grade, the cotton fibre loops are less plush than in other towel grades. However, you will still get all the benefits of 100-percent cotton towels. These towels are fast-drying and thirsty.

In general, economy quality towels are best-suited for constant moderate use. Many health clubs whose members frequently borrow towels prefer to offer and have on hand economy quality towels.

You may also consider economy towels for nail salons. Your salons may require economy quality towels for purposes not related to helping customers. If your spa towel warmer is limited. If your volume needs are greater than the performance of your towel warmer, you may want to select economy towels for space saving reasons. Thin towels take up less space and heat up faster.

Standard Quality Towels

Our Standard quality towels are a bump up from economy towels. We label them “standard” because of the way the fibres are woven. Not only are they more tightly looped, but they provide increased fluffiness.

If it is important for you to offer your customers and clients a better type of towel when they stop by your clinic, spa or gym, consider upgrading to standard towels. You can pick the dimensions that are right for your needs and place your order quickly online.

Need a sample? please do not hesitate to ask us. Standard Towels are available in the following sizes

    Moving up the quality towel chain are our premium quality towels. These towels are also 100-percent cotton fibre towels.

5 Star Borderless Spa Towels

At the highest level on the quality chain are our 5 Start Spa Towels. These are the most luxurious 100-percent cotton fiber towels we sell. They provide all the cushioning you’d expect from top-line towels, but are still deeply discounted to save you money.

Our Certified Organic Cotton towels may appeal to customers concerned about the environment.

Spas and hotels often opt for these Premium plus towels because they make excellent impressions on patrons. Some hairdressers, country clubs and nail salons like to have these towels, as well.

Bleach-Resistant Towels

Sometimes called bleach-safe, Bleach resistant hand towels are a great choice if your towels constantly come in contact with bleaches or bleaching agents. Hair dyes, as well as many cosmetics and beauty products, can leave coloured towels spotted, splotchy and faded. By selecting a bleach-resistant towel, you will mitigate many problems associated with this type of issue.

What kind of towels are suitable for gyms?

Choose lightweight towels for your gyms.

Do your towels fit in towel warmers?

We recommend our lightweight towels for use in towel warmers. These towels are compact and use less space in a towel warmer.

I am a salon owner, which towels would you recommend for salons?

We recommend soft standard towels for facials and pedicures.

What kind of towels are best for Hotels and resorts?

Our Hotel Five Star Spa seamless towels are perfect for resorts and spas that are sure to please the most discriminating tastes.

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