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Find natural and plant based cleaners - biodegradable laundry solutions, sustainable surface cleaners and all purpose cleaning products.

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Eco-Max Cleaners for Clinics and Spas

Body Best is proud to offer Eco-Max Cleaners. A premium line of 100% plant based cleaners, and green cleaning products. The line subsequently includes a full range of non-toxic, non-WHMIS regulated cleaning and disinfectant solutions.  The natural choice cleaners are available in both concentrated and ready to use formulations. Body Best offers Eco-Max cleaners, detergents, disinfectants, and soaps.

Additionally, many of the Eco-Max plant based cleaners are certified by Environment Canada’s EcoLogo™ program. This means that these natural choice cleaners are certified safe to use, and are safe for our environment. Eco-Max does not test on animals. The product line uses only essential oils, and does not use any synthetic fragrances. Eco-Max offers green solutions at a very affordable price.


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