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CryoDerm Silicone Cupping Set 4PC

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CryoDerm Silicone Cupping Set is a high quality cupping set made with safe to use silicone.

  • Alleviates pain and cramping
  • Improve circulation, help with inflammation!
  • Easy to use, avoid scalding
  • Made of food grade silicone
  • Safe, more hygienic than traditional cupping
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Benefits of CryoDerm Silicone Cups Set

CryoDerm Silicone Cups Set of 4 is the latest improvement in traditional cupping therapy. A 5000-year-old technique used to assist in returning and regulating disturbed body functions

Alleviates pain and cramping, improves circulation, and helps with inflammation
Made of high-transparent food-grade silicone.

Safer and more hygienic than traditional cupping; no risk of scalding as a heating cup is not needed to create suction.

Box Components

Set of 4 cups (Large, Medium, Small, Extra Small)
One carrying case

Available in

  • 1 - 4 piece set
  • 2 - 4 piece set

Static Cupping

  • First, apply a small amount of CryoDerm Cold Gel to the entire area. This will aid in bringing blood flow to the area helping to release muscle spasms and decrease pain.
  • Then select the silicone cup or cups desired, squeeze the silicone cup and place it on the skin and release to create the desired suction.

Note: Do not use CryoDerm on the face or near the eyes or mouth.

Dynamic Cupping

  • First, apply the desired amount of CryoDerm Myofascial Ointment or Cream to the skin (to provide a glide without losing grip). This will act as a lubricant and will provide a good glide to resistance ratio.
  • Then squeeze the cup, place it on the skin, and release to create the desired suction. Glide the cup around the affected area as needed.

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