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Why is hygiene so important in a clinic setting?

Hygiene is essential whether you are adjusting joints, massaging sore muscles, or styling hair. All clinics need to submit to a rigorous level of hygiene to protect both therapists and clients alike. Across all the varied healing and aesthetic modalities, the common link is contact between people. This calls for a highly clean starting point, and the ability to quickly sterilise treatment equipment, replace linens, and wash hands. The more successful the operation, the more clients pass through in a day — so excellent hygiene is always necessary.

Keeping a very clean treatment area also leaves an impact on your clients' comfort. When they see perfectly clean surfaces and bright white massage table sheets, their confidence will increase as will their ability to relax for the therapy. People expect clinics to be sterile places, where procedures that depend on trust and discretion will be conducted with due care.

We use the word hygiene to also mean keeping ourselves clean and presentable. All manner of scrubs, soaps, and brushes can be used to keep squeaky clean, exfoliated, and free from odours.


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