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Chiropractic Supplies

  • Original price $2,605.00 - Original price $2,885.00
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    $2,605.00 - $2,885.00
    $2,605.00 - $2,885.00
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    Cardon Mobile Pulley

    Cardon Rehab
    Out of stock

    Uses and Benefits of Cardon Mobile Pulley System Choose Cardon Mobile Pulley System for both assistive and resistive rehab exercises. The pulley sy...

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    Original price $2,605.00 - Original price $2,885.00
    Original price
    $2,605.00 - $2,885.00
    $2,605.00 - $2,885.00
    Current price $2,605.00
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The best supplier of Chiropractic supplies and treatment tables in Canada

Body Best stocks all your chiropractic supplies and equipment. Choose from a wide range of products in our showroom to meet all your clinic needs. Choose from wide selection of heavy duty items such as treatment tables and examination tables. Oakworks and Cardon treatment tables are some of the major treatment table brands we deal in.

Our store also has a good range of chiropractic products such as posture supports, bolsters, support pillows and even everyday supplies such as disinfectants and disposable table sheets. Get all your clinic needs at one place for a smooth and seamless treatment of your patients. We offer Canada-wide shipping at affordable rates.

Not finding what you're looking for? Please contact us, we would love to assist you further!

Looking at setting up a chiropractic clinic in Canada? We can help. We provide free consultation for clinic set-up. Check out our services in this area.

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